Urubyiruko ruhabwa amasomo ku ikoranabuhanga.

1. Training in entrepreneurship

From 3rd January to 3rd March 2017, DOT Rwanda facilitated in Start- up Program (Business) 52 youth who were following tailoring training among them 3 were male and 49 were female all have completed the start up program. Facilitators have mobilized for new cohorts and registration was started. 66 candidates are following the program of start up.

On 23rd February 2017, we organized and hosted a big event named “DOT RWANDA GERA KU NTEGO Social enterprise competition at Nyarugenge district level. 40 Youth selected among other youth trained in social enterprise with best project attended the event and among them 3 winners have been awarded prizes respectively 500,000frw, 400,000frw, and 300,000frw.

From 15 to 17 March 2017, 1st winner (Esperance AKINGENEYE) and 2nd winner (Nuru RWEMERA) of Gera ku ntego competition from Kimisagara youth Center participated in that competition at National level but they didn’t achieve well.

On 31 March 2017, in collaboration with VCT team, we mobilized young women sex workers of GITICYINYONI to change their mindset and grape opportunities offered by Kimisagara Youth Center such as entrepreneurship training, vocational skills trainings, and health care access as key to quit their sex workers job for sustainable development. 40 young women attended the outreach mobilization campaign.

2. Training on basic ICT skills

The training covers computer programs such as MS office, internet browsing and typing.

In partnership with World Vision Rwanda, the center provided training of Trainers with Certiport for 10 youth who completed their internship in the Ministry of Youth and ICT for them in turn to train others in YouthConnekt month in different CKCs (Community Knowledge Center) across the country.

Totally, 591 youth were trained this year, a big number is those who finished secondary school and these skills help them a lot when they gain jobs as everything nowadays have become computerized. Among 591 youth, 71% were boys and 29% were girls.

3. Tailoring

On 7 September 2016, Kimisagara One Stop Youth Employment and productive Center has started the fourth phase of training in vocational skills program especially in tailoring. Starters in tailoring were 73 and 9 in specialization the duration of the training was 9 months.  Leavers in this program are for now able to produce clothes for all categories of person’s i.e. young and adults.