The Kimisagara Youth Center receives many guests who come for different purposes. Most of them come to look the way youth is organized and managed. Others come to learn lessons as this center has become famous throughout the country.

1. RED Delegation

In October 2016, Kimisagara one Stop Youth Employment and productive Center hosted visitors from RED. This visit was organized in order to showcase the tripartite partnership between the Government of Rwanda, RED and the Global Fund in fight against HIV and AIDS

A group of peer Educators trained at the center presented what they do in the community in terms of fighting HIV, condom distribution, etc

Kimisagara Youth Center was chosen as one of the center that receives support from Global Fund. Visitors have appreciated the services that the center delivers.

2. UN Habitat delegation

A team from UN HABITAT visited Kimisagara. This visit was organized in order to see how joint Program participates in the implementation of activities relating to youth and women especially in youth centers. They did a tour of the center.

3. US Embassy delegation

Delegation of US Embassy visited Kimisagara Youth Center. This visit aimed to see how they can create a partnership between US embassy and the center, in fighting gender beside violence and teaching resolution of conflict.

They have promised to organize joint activities in that frameworks and they will support such initiative.

4. Global Fund Delegation

The center has received delegation from Global Fund. This visit was organized in the preparation of the meeting of Global Fund which was scheduled in May 2017. The participants in that meeting will have time to visit Kimisagara One Stop Youth Employment and Productive Center to ensure that the support from Global Fund in fighting HIV/AIDS to the youth sector is really productive.

5. Delegation from UN Habitat/Delegation from Kenya

UN Habitat delegation visited Kimisagara Youth Center and other youth centers. The purpose of their visit was to be aware on how youth centers operate here in Rwanda. As comment they have really appreciated what we do.

6. Zambian Members of Parliament

A group of ten Zambian Members of Parliament visited Kimisagara Youth Center. The objective of that trip was to learn from Rwanda, Ministry of Youth and ICT, the way youth is well educated and managed in different domains like self-employment, Fight against HIV/AIDS and drugs, Entrepreneurship and innovation, and many other youth occupations.